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Keep it ​Wyrd.​

A Witchcraft & Storytelling P​odcast

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The Wyrd Way

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Monthly Tarot ​Readings

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Mythology & ​Folklore

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The Wyrd Way, a mystical tapestry interlacing ​age-old myths and legends with contemporary ​witchcraft, self-care, and a touch of whimsy. This ​podcast is an enchanting guide for those ​seeking to traverse the winding paths of life. The ​show explores themes like the creative process, ​the art of storytelling, and the challenges of ​living a life guided by intuition.

Join the journey for ethereal revelations on the ​seasons, delve into the secrets of tarot, and be ​entranced by ritual magick lessons. The podcast ​also strives to reimagine folklore and archetypal ​tales and seeking their relevance in the modern ​world. These stories are told with a spark of ​curiosity and wonder, beckoning listeners to ​glean wisdom from their timeless magic.

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Latest Episode

Plus guidance for January and your tarot reading for ​the month.

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Episode 6

Learn about the traditional Christmas ​monsters ​of this season.


Episode 5​

Guidance for December and your free ​Sagittarius Tarot Reading

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Episode 4​

The mythology, history and my personal story ​of connecting with the Queen of the Witches

About the ​Host

Sharon Ruedeman

Host + Creator + Storyteller

Your host is Sharon Ruedeman, the creator ​of the documentary series Wild Women ​Healers, reiki master, space holder, tarot ​reader and teacher. She is a professional ​video createor who offers intuive digital ​content creation for small businesses, ​entrepreneurs and fellow creatives. She is ​also a trauma and abuse survivor and uses ​her own experience and life lessons in order ​to normalize healing and mental health ​help.

Learn more about her here.

The Wyrd Way podcast is recorded in Santa ​Fe, NM which I acknowledge is located on ​the ancestral and unceded traditional ​territories of the Tewa people who continue ​to maintain

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